In a one-hour, highly-interactive counseling session, you will uncover the obstacles inhibiting your success, and through my gentle and thoughtful expertise, you’ll discover the steps to overcome them. Calls are conducted by phone or via webcam—whatever is more comfortable for you. Before our session, we will have a discovery call to make sure I can move you towards success. I want to be confident, based on your unique challenges, that I can get you on the right path. You can choose from several packages.


30 Days Package

5 One-Hour Sessions

Cost = $4500


60 Days Package

10 One-Hour Sessions with unlimited weekend phone support

Cost = $6500

Red Wood

90 Days Package

15 One-Hour Sessions with unlimited phone support 12/7

Cost = $7500

Don’t Hold Back Your Success

I’ve always loved this Albert Camus quote: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” Think of the plants and new trees just waiting to burst when Spring arrives. Those seeds of success are within you, too, but emotional obstacles and barriers are preventing them from reaching the sun and getting the nourishment they need. These consultation sessions can be the very thing you need to awaken that growth, to spread your branches toward the sky and let go of any emotional strongholds. You deserve this—for your business and for yourself.