About Me


Hi, I’m Ellen Scherr and I’m so glad you’re here.

If you are a rare disease patient looking for the emotional support you need during this difficult time, you’ve landed in the right place. I know the responsibilities and challenges you face every day can be overwhelming and the hurdles can be enormous.

If you’re anything like me, you have big, crazy dreams for your life. But you feel like your disease will always be in your way to have the life you want – and deserve.

Trust me – I get it.

*Cue the “Rocky” music* and put on your boxing gloves because nothing is going to hold you back. Your business is your passion and you’re going to fulfill your dream.

But suddenly, you start to encounter some obstacles that make you start to doubt yourself. It seems like you take a few steps forward to get your business rolling and something always seems to hold you back, something gets in the way, something is powerful enough to keep those dreams from becoming a reality.

It’s taken me many years to get where I am today.

I’ve been my worst enemy – sabotaging my own success year after year. I’ve lost count on the number of setbacks I’ve had. There have been many emotional obstacles keeping me from building my business. So much wasted time trying to launch and getting the success I so wanted.



It wasn’t that long ago…

I decided to try and get out of my 9 – 5 dead-end J.O.B. In my heart, I knew I could create and launch the business of my dreams. First, I had to decide what the business would be. That indecision over the years created many false starts.

When I finally made a decision, I would continually take 5 steps forward and then move 5 steps backwards – for years. I just kept taking any disposable income from my full-time job to attend webinars, take courses, hire programmers and graphic artists, and anything else you can think of.

I drained all of my savings and then starting using credit cards.

I was in a vicious cycle that I couldn’t get out from. And the longer it took, the harder I was on myself – “You don’t deserve this” or “You’re a fraud” or “I can never be like some of the other successful women online entrepreneurs” were just a few of the comments I would make to myself.

What was wrong with me?

I was motivated. I was working hard Every.Single.Day. I was passionate about the business I wanted. I took countless courses and read everything possible. So, what was the problem?

This is what happened. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to find a fabulous coach. When I told my sister how much money I had spent on the fees, she thought for sure I had finally lost my mind. And, at first I thought so too.

Working with this coach to further develop the business, I started to realize all kinds of emotional “crap” was surfacing. I still wasn’t able to get to the finish line and launch the site. And I had invested a ton of money!

But one day, during a group coaching session, as Oprah would say I had an AHA moment. I realized I was creating my own self-sabotage! It wasn’t about the design of the site or enough knowledge of SEO, plugins, email providers and hundreds of other things. It was my negative self-talk and beliefs that were creating my self-sabotage.

I knew I had to figure out a way to “get out of my own way”. So, I used my psychology training to figure it out. I was able to identify some of the obstacles in my head: Analysis Paralysis and Imposter Syndrome happen to be my biggest and these were barriers holding me back from the success I knew I could achieve.

When I finally developed methods to avoid these barriers, I was able to launch Life Branches!


I have worked with hundreds of women who have said:

I’ll never do this!

How am I going to make any money? I can’t compete with all the other well-known women online entrepreneurs!

I am sooo overwhelmed with everything I need to do. My brain is ready to “shut-down.”


It’s learning the skill of self-compassion. I know this sounds unrealistic, but it’s the truth. You can learn the skills you need – with the right steps and practice.

You’re probably doing exactly what I did. Spending time and money on courses, webinars, and coaches. And, downloading every “freebie” you can get. My Dropbox is filled with all of this – just taking up space.

Why work with me?

I want to help entrepreneurial women who are trying their best but are still struggling. Who aren’t afraid to stand up as many times as they fall down.

I’m not interested in churning you through another course. My goal is to work closely with you – to know about your challenges and defeats. I want to learn what keeps you from the success you want and teach you how to overcome defeating self-sabotage. Everyone has “inner critics”, but how you handle them is the key to success.

Besides having a great sense of humor and fun to work with, I bring life experiences with real-life techniques.

No fluff. No 8-step processes that don’t last. No self-help crap.

Through advice, awareness, and laughter, I will help you solve your problems and move you further towards your life passion. You deserve the business you’ve imagined for so long.

Let’s work together and move your business to the success you know you want.

Virtual hugs and self-love,


Personal Fun Facts

  • I have good genes so I don’t look my age - thanks Mom!
  • I have two amazing adult kids and a dog who thinks I’m the greatest person alive.
  • I’m an Enneagram 6 and Myers Briggs ETSJ.
  • I love inspirational quotes and they can be found everywhere in my home.
  • My favorite vacations are taking cruises with my best friend, A.K.A. my sister. I have some crazy stories I could tell you, like what it's like when your flight is cancelled and you miss your cruise ship (trust me - it's not good). But, I also have some fabulous memories I'm so grateful for!
  • I live in Chicago but am always dreaming about living in La Jolla, California.
  • People tell me my laugh is contagious. I love to laugh – a lot!
  • One of my favorite trips is going back to my hometown (Baltimore) for my high school reunions and seeing all my longtime close friends.
  • Coffee and Shopping are my Cardio. Sometimes I do go to the gym - but not often. I wonder why I can't lose weight?
  • I can strike up a conversation with literally anyone because I’m never at a loss for words.
  • I love all kinds of books and Amazon Prime is one of my BFF’s.
  • I’m a shopaholic (especially for shoes and jewelry), so if you need to find anything just ask me and chances are I can tell you where to find it.

My true passion and what sets my soul on fire is helping people overcome life challenges.

Professional Bio

Ellen Scherr is an entrepreneur that has started and run several successful companies. Her passion to run businesses started right after college and has never let up. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Finance and became a highly successful stockbroker. After a few years, she realized this wasn't what she wanted, so she switched to providing sales and marketing consulting in the financial industry. At age 30, from a $5000 cash advance on a credit card, she started a worldwide sales consulting company. Ellen provided sales training and sales management services, as well as a sales CRM system she developed to financial institutions worldwide.

After selling this company, she decided to follow her real passion, which is helping others succeed in life. Even though she was 46 years old (and newly divorced), Ellen returned to school to obtain a Master's Degree in Counseling. After graduating, she became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Certified Alcohol and Drug counselor (CADC). Ellen provided therapy to women and adolescents in a number of different treatment settings: hospital inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs. She also maintained a private practice for over 10 years.

She is a sought after business mentor, career counselor, and mindset coach helping thousands of women become successful entrepreneurs.

Ellen created Life Branches to help women overcome the emotional obstacles and self-sabotage faced when starting and running an online business.