rSimply put, self-compassion means being kind to yourself in instances of pain or failure. It means accepting who you are and the feelings you have.

Being “hard” on yourself becomes the method you use to change, adjust, or adapt to a difficult situation. We’re taught how to be compassionate and kind to people we care about – yet it’s so hard to treat ourselves the same way.

It’s known that self-compassion is one of the most powerful skills you can learn to provide emotional well-being.

But I’m sure you’re now asking yourself, “Why should this be

     important to me when I’m dealing with so many physical struggles.

Being judgmental, criticizing, and blaming yourself is a detriment, during your health journey. Your mind controls the quality of your life and is capable of decreasing your health success.

Listening to yourself with compassion trains your mind to resist the normal impulse to criticize and stop enabling paralyzing thoughts.

My personal journey in creating and launching Life Branches taught me a how to make this change. As a coach and therapist, I realized how my “inner critical voice” was sabotaging my life and deterioating my health. I learned how to take these negative thoughts and feelings, that were constantly running through my mind, and turn them around.

I finally realized my own mind was the biggest obstacle in my life!

Making this shift can drastically reduce your anxiety, depression and feelings of being overwhelmed. I used to think that motivation was the key to “turn things around”, but it turns out that self-kindness is what motivates us – not being “tough” on ourselves. 


Will the process of learning how to become passionate with yourself make you feel better and help with your health journey?


I created this unique course to teach the skills needed in giving self-compassion and self-acceptance – to the most important person. 


With the right guidance and practice, you will learn how to start feeling kinder to yourself, and get rid of those negative draining thoughts that are getting in the way of your best life.

The first step is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are.