Client Love

Nancy S.
Once I recognized that I was creating my own obstacles, with your help of course, I started to implement some of your techniques. I have a new passion for my business and am watching it grow faster than I ever thought was possible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Lauren S.
Your Coffee Chats have been awesome! Now I know that I need to work on my Imposter Syndrome and have already started to use the new skills you taught me.


Erin M.
Ellen, you are the angel I didn’t know I needed. You are the best!
Holly S.
Finally, with your help I stepped outside my comfort zone to expand and grow. I was comfortable with the sameness but that’s actually what almost led to my failure.
Patty J.
You described the problems and gave me solutions I needed! I’m NOT a failure – just need to overcome my fears.
Emily S.

Like everyone else, I thought I was just a procrastinator or worse, not capable of following through to turn my idea into a successful online business.

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